Benefits of Bonsai Chi

We all know exercise is good for us, finding the right one for what we’re trying to achieve can be difficult. Each exercise offers different benefits, below are some details why Bonsai Chi is beneficial for us.

Gentle flowing exercise encourages you to move parts of your body you wouldn't normally. We tend to we use the same muscle groups during our daily activities, neglecting others.

These sessions are designed so you move all parts of your body, standing still, moving forwards and sideways. It encourages us to open our chest, breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling in time to the movements.

Different exercises are performed each session, built up slowly, allowing us to calm our mind, moving without conscious thought, whilst also keeping our mind alert and engaged with the varying moves.

It develops good posture, maintaining a straight back, feeling our feet connect with the floor, consciously moving our weight from one leg to the other, centering our core and developing good balance.

Please click here to follow one of our exercise drills - 'Correct your posture'

Refresh ● Breathe ● Re-energise

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