Bonsai Chi Daily Exercise Tips & Tricks #2

Gently flex your body

A short gentle whole body, low-impact exercise routine, refreshing and re-energising yourself.  You don’t require much room, it can be done standing on the spot or sitting on a chair.

Pop some relaxing music on and allow your mind to relax and calm, enjoying the feeling of moving meditation.

Place your feet shoulder width apart 

Relax your arms resting in front of you

Lift your arms to head height and lower them back to original position

Cross your arms in front of you in a wide circle (part the clouds)

Create a ball in front of you (one hand top & bottom)

Turn gently to one side

Turn gently back to centre

Turn gently to the other side

Place your arms back resting in front of you

Tip 1:

If you wish to add a bit more complexity in you can swap the position of your arms when holding the ball

Tip 2: 

Find a spot at eye level and keep your eyes focused on it.  Will ensure you keep your head up and your spine in alignment.

Do not do anything that causes you any discomfort, adapt the movement so it works with your body, not against it. 

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