Bonsai Chi Daily Exercise Tips & Tricks #3

Improve hand-eye co-ordination

A short gentle, low-impact exercise routine, improving hand-eye co-ordination and flexibility of your hands.  You don’t require much room, it can be done standing on the spot or sitting on a chair.

Pop some relaxing music on and allow your mind to relax and calm, enjoying the feeling of moving meditation.

Grab yourself a ball such as a tennis ball

Place your feet shoulder width apart

Place your hands in front of you as if they’re resting on a table top with the ball in your left hand facing downwards

Put the backs of your hands together and push your hands out sideways and back to the original position

Transfer the ball to your right hand and repeat pushing your hands out sideways and back

Transfer the ball behind your back to your left hand



Tip: find a spot on the wall to focus on.  It stops you looking at the ball and keeps your back nice and straight

Do not do anything that causes you any discomfort, adapt the movement so it works with your body, not against it. 

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