Challenges Faced in 2020

With the restrictions placed on us in March, my physical Bonsai Chi and Wado Ryu classes were instantly stopped.  Having never done any form of exercise online I was nervous about doing anything, and really wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I spent a lot of time on internet search engines as you can imagine!  Researching so I could determine what was currently available, what platforms were being used, and working out how I could, if at all, introduce something online myself.

I’ve always had a fairly good understanding of all things ‘IT’ and the various programs I’ve used, however would never call myself knowledgeable in any area of technology.

Fortunately I have a good network of friends and colleagues who I was able to talk to, ask advice or just bounce ideas off, which helped me formulate a plan.

Once I’d decided on the platform, Zoom Video Conferencing, I needed to inform all my current members.  Following a training course in December I’d only just started using MailChimp regularly, however quickly learnt a few of the other functions available on it.

I informed my members of my intention, and sent them a comprehensive email of instructions on how to use Zoom.  I’m sure it was rather over-whelming for them, as I tried to put as much detail as I could in a concise way, to assist them as much as I could to going online.

Learning on the job is a phrase I used many times during my tenure as a manager, and it certainly applied to me here!  It was wonderful to have so many members log on for the first session, all eager to do some exercise, keeping the familiarity of their weekly regime going.

I started standing in my dining room, quickly realised it didn’t offer me the space I needed, and certainly not the background or ambience I wanted to create.  Then I moved to standing in my kitchen, which was better but my IT structure still wasn’t quite right.

One webcam, two wicker room dividers, a 15 metre Ethernet crossover cable and moving position in my kitchen once more, I had what I felt was a workable solution.  I’m pleased to say my members agreed with me as well!

It’s been a challenge, I’ve learnt so much about IT that I didn’t expect to this year, it’s moved all my plans and goals around, however without these challenges we do not grow and develop.  I am often giving my members and students inspirational quotes, many of those have applied to me over these last few months.  And now I’m looking forward to developing my online business further alongside of my physical business once I can re-instate.  Didn’t think I’d be saying that back in March!

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