FAQ Karate

Do I need previous martial arts experience?

No.  Everyone is welcome, whether you have previous experience of Wado Ryu or not.  You just need to be willing to learn and practise.

Do I have to be sporty and fit?

No.  You will gain many fitness benefits during your training however it’s not a barrier to anyone joining.  You don’t have to be physically strong either, the karate style we practise is based on body management and technique.

What kit do I need?

To start with train in loose clothing such as jogging bottoms and t-shirt.  Once you’ve completed a trial period you can obtain a gi (karate suit), gloves and licence.

How much will all that cost me?

We often have introductory offers available so please do ask if you’ve not seen our current one, however weekly sessions are £8 pay as you go, and typically a gi will be £25, gloves £15 and licence £7.

How is my training progress tracked?

Once training you’ll start working towards your first grading, a test basically.  There are certain techniques you will have to learn for this, and you will be ‘graded’ to see if you’ve achieved the required standard.

How frequently does this occur?

It depends on the belt grade you’re working towards.  From white to purple belt you’re typically eligible every 12 weeks, from purple to black every 26 weeks.  Once you achieve black belt the training period extends, understandably!, depending on the Dan grade you are.

I don’t know anyone else there, will I fit in?

Yes, we are a friendly welcoming club who love having new members join us.  A senior grade will be available for you each week in addition to your Sensei (instructor), who will guide you through and answer any questions you have.

Can I ask questions during my training?

Yes of course, that’s how we all learn.  If you’re ever unsure of what you’re being asked to do always ask, otherwise you could end up training incorrectly.

What session will I be in?

The classes are split into belt grades, so the first session is White (10th kyu) to Blue (5th kyu), the second session is Purple (4th kyu) upwards.  There will be various seminars and additional sessions when you all train together, however this allows focused training for each session so you have plenty of time to learn and develop.

So, what actually will I be learning?

You’ll be learning Wado-Ryu, one of the four main traditional karate styles.  There is a syllabus for each belt grade, which shows you the progression you’ll make in learning new techniques, and improving existing ones,   Your training will be split into 3 main sections, Kihon (fundamental techniques), Kumite (fighting / partnerwork) and Kata (a form of moves).  You will learn not just how to perform the technique, but the principles behind it and technical aspects to ensure you can execute it correctly and proficiently. 

How do I join?

Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch to register you for your introductory class.  We look forward to you joining us!

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