How Do You Walk?

When I say to new members ‘walk forwards and backwards slowly’, they tend to give me the ‘I’ve been walking for a long time, why do you want me to do it in an exercise class?’ look!

Walking is a skill we learn, normally as a toddler, as we grow and develop it happens without conscious thought.

The problem with this is we start to take short-cuts and develop bad habits. We find that ‘walking’ is actually our momentum driving us forward, not a conscious thought.

Take a mindful walk. Consciously think about the physical act of walking.

Keep your feet shoulder width apart, body straight, look forward.

As you take your first step, consciously place your foot down.

Feel your foot connect with the floor, have both feet flat on the floor.

As you lift your foot for your next step feel your weight shift from being centred on both legs to you balancing on one leg.

Feel your breathing alter as you relax into your walking. Enjoy the feeling of walking.

I’m interested to hear your comments and thoughts after you’ve done the exercise.

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