Why I Love Karate

I was very sporty at school and did most activities, I didn't really know much about karate so it wasn't on my list of things I wanted to do.  My younger brother decided he wanted to go as his friend was doing it, so my mum told me I had to go with him!

I can still remember my first class, there was about 30 students all in their white suits, it looked terrifying! We learnt two punches, Junzuki and Gyakazuki, how to turn, Mawatte, a front kick, Maegeri, and started learning the kata Pinan Nidan.

I walked out there exhilarated, it wasn’t just the physical element I’d enjoyed, even from the first class I could see the mental stimulation, understanding what and how you were performing a technique.

Not sure whether who was more surprised when I got home and said that I needed a gi and licence!  That was in 1986, and I still love it now, I believe it's provided me with so many benefits over the years.  

I  took my first grading for my yellow belt 3 months after joining.  It was the one activity that nothing could be put in front of, it always took priority.  The physical training has provided me with good health, stamina, and keeping me fit.  Learning the techniques and kata's provided mental stimulation, also having to remember all the names and moves.  As I've progressed through my training that's developed into learning the intricacies of each technique and the principle behind it.  There's always something to learn. 

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