Welcome to Red Eagle Martial Arts.  A friendly club sharing the discipline, fitness and benefits of Wado Ryu traditional karate and Bonsai Chi classes.

Wado-Ryu Karate

A traditional karate style, Wado Ryu translates into ‘Way of Peace’, It's key principles enable you to perform techniques by body management, and not relying on physical strength alone.

Bonsai Chi

Gentle, low-impact, whole body exercise to refresh the mind and body, encouraging you to calm your mind and body, and develop a balanced chi.

We believe that every person can gain many benefits from karate and physical exercise.  Our Wado Ryu karate and Bonsai Chi classes encourage and enable you to achieve personal development on an individual basis, in a fun, safe environment, where the entire family can learn and develop.  Classes are held in Cheltenham, Tewkesbury and Upton-upon-Severn. 

Traditional Wado-Ryu karate is more than just kicking and punching, it's learning the underlying principles of the movements, and understanding how the body works.  Bonsai Chi is Nikki's creation of a gentler, low-impact, exercise class based on the karate moves she's learnt over the years, it can be done standing or sitting on a chair, providing overall wellbeing to everyone.

All classes are pay as you go, and there is no membership fee.  We have introductory offers for both karate and Bonsai Chi, once completed you are welcome to pay as you train, alternatively you can purchase class passes.  Offering a convenient, cost-effective way for you to train and progress.

The latest from our blog

Knowing where our limbs are
Hand-eye co-ordination is an everyday life skill, knowing where our limbs are without having to look at them.  We don’t look at our feet as we’re walking, or our hands as we pick something up.  It’s know as Proprioception, our hidden sixth sense, and there are steps we ca...
How Bonsai Chi helps improve our hand and eye co-ordination
Hand-eye co-ordination is the process of controlling our eye movement with our hand movements.  A skill we start learning from as young as 4 months, which is when babies tend to start bringing objects to their mouth so they can determine what it is.   A normal part of child developmen...
Sensei and Senpai
You may have heard the phrase ‘Sensei’ or ‘Senpai’ in the dojo, so what do these Japanese phrases mean?  Sensei (先生) (pronounced sen-say), translates as “one who gone before”.  Typically used when referring to teachers, from school, university and al...


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